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Solar Energy. Redefined.

About Punchline Energy

Punchline Energy is the youngest company in the Punchline group. With over 2 decades of existence, the company has evolved from being a manufacturing unit to a service-oriented entity.

With a vision to contribute to society by redefining "green energy" and "providing green solutions", we hope to provide tailor-made solutions for everyone.

The Team behind Punchline

Mr.Sanjay Dhawan

M.D. & Promoter

A Chemical Engineer from IT-BHU and a Gold Medalist from IIM-Ahmedabad, Sanjay brings to the table over 30 years of wisdom and business experience. Having led an Indian MNC (ACME Telepower) for over 4 years, he has proven to be an effective leader in several business areas.

Having run several successful technology business ventures in the past, Sanjay handles all technology initiatives for Punchline and hopes to contribute by making a difference to many lives by providing cheap and reliable power solutions!


Mr.Arjun Dhawan

Mr.Sandeep Dhawan

Director, Punchline Energy

Sandeep was the CEO of Hunter Telecom in India, a manufacturing arm of ACME Telepower, where he did business of 100 crores in one year. He later Established the Pan - India Tower Installation Set-up for ACME and executed projects worth 450 Crores. Thereafter, he took over the entire Operations of the Reime Group of Companies (A wholly owned subsidiary of ACME Telepower)  in 11 countries of Africa. Took end to end responsibility for delivering SLAs to all customers and executed projects worth 80 Million USD.

He has prior experience of 24 years in the Indian Army. He established the Indian Army Training Team in Lesotho, Southern Africa, worked in the United Nations in Rwanda and commanded a Specialised Army Battalion in the Thar Desert.

Mr.Sandeep Dhawan