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Solar Street Lighting

Our Solar Street Lighting system is an ideal lighting system for illumination of those streets and squares located in areas where there is no connectivity to the power grid. Our system is a fit and forget system that can be integrated with an automatic light sensor that switches the street lamps on and off depending on light conditions.

We can provide you with fully assembled (factory tested) kits which include the mounting poles.

This solution is most applicable in areas where there are very few street lights needed - thus saving on the trouble of installing an entire power grid for them.

The system is standalone and comprises of the following:

  • Lamp (LED lamp available in various wattages depending on installation requirement)
  • Re-chargeable Lead-Acid Battery (for Storage)
  • Solar PV Modules (For charging the battery)
  • Circuitry and wires as required.

Download the Brochure here