Recent developments in Solar PV have brought Solar energy closer to humanity. Megawatt class Solar  PV is now becoming integral to Energy Grids world wide.

Punchline Energy takes Solar power  to the next level – making it not only user friendly but economical and application focussed. Integrating key component performance for specific applications it now makes Solar the most viable options in a host of Distributed Generation needs.

In depth understanding combined with in house research and development efforts in the areas of Cold Chain, Water, Sanitation, Healthcare and  Mini Grids make our solutions not only the most effective option but also best value for money. In fact all our solutions have a payback of less than 5 years for the Customer. Punchline Energy is committed to making Solar PV affordable for all.

Punchline Energy partners with Industry leaders to bring you solutions which are unmatched in meeting your long term energy need – be it the solar electrification of an off-grid petrol pump or a large scale installation in a remote location.


Some of our solutions

Solar Water Pumps

Punchline Energy has installed more than 1,000 Solar Water pumps in the last 5 years across North and Western India. Click here to know more about our water pumping solutions.

Solar solutions for Buildings

We have proprietary solar roofing solutions for commercial as well as residential application. We can provide anything from car parks with solar roofs to Solar Balconies to Solar see-through roofs on a larger scale.

Solar Solutions for Disaster Management

Some text about disaster management solutions here…..